Interview with FRANK WERNER Guitarist of Andrew WK


1) If you could be any animal what animal would you be and why?
The animal I would be is probably a wolverine. They are the most ferocious animal alive.

2) Who were you in high school? (ex. drama queen, fat kid, jock, etc)

Frank: I
n high school I was a nobody.

3)  Which member of your band would you rather to get caught in bed with?

Frank:  I would never get caught in bed with a guy, but my other band has Janis from the band "PINK". Getting caught in bed with her wouldn't be a bad thing!

4) If you became the US President what are the first 5 things you would do?

Frank: If I were president I would yank my troops out of the middle east,take care of the US veterans,and who knows what else.

5) you weren’t in the band you currently are in, which band would you want to join? (dead or alive)

Frank: The band I would join would be Angra, Journey, or Lenny Kravitz.

6) I hate it when people when people…

Frank: refer to  "back in the day" as in 2001 or old school as  3 years ago. Get a life!

7) What do you think about:

I think eventually CDs will be obsolete. Since most music can be bought off the internet already, I think they will produce music as files. So instead of going to Tower records to buy a cd, you buy it as a file off the internet.
 Marriage should have a 6 month trial period without penalties. There should be a limit - 2 children per couple.