11 Questions for TRIPP EISEN guitarist of Static-X


1)            What’s a question you've always wanted to be asked in an interview but never have, and what’s the answer? 

TRIPP: What do you think of the Bible? It's a fictional book.


 2)            If you could be any animal what animal would you be and why? 

TRIPP: Gene Simmons. He is the ultimate bat-lizard.


 3)            Who were you in high school? (ex. drama queen, fat kid, jock, etc) 

TRIPP: A musician, rock n roller, comic book geek.


 4)            Which member of your band would you rather to get caught in bed with? 

TRIPP: Wayne.


 5)            Describe your Utopia. 

TRIPP: America reawakened to the ideals that began in 1776: capitalism, individualism and the proper role of government.


 6)            Describe your hell (or worst nightmare). 

TRIPP:  Being buried alive with my hands and feet tied and one eye gouged out and fire ants crawling all over me, after being anal raped with a hot iron.


 7)            If you became the US President what are the first 5 things you would do? 

TRIPP: Amend the Constitution with a clause setting up the separation of State & Economics allowing for a true free market system. I would put the country back on the gold standard. I would abolish the FCC, the IRS and the FDA. I would strengthen the military. Immediately repeal all income tax laws (beginning with getting rid of any progressive tax laws). Dismantle the welfare state. Repeal all laws pertaining to  and thereby making the following things totally legal: abortion, drugs, prostitution, gambling. I would totally privatize all schools. Privatize all public land. Repeal all environmental protection laws, seat belt and helmet laws, speed limits (getting police back to their main priority: protecting private property rigthts and dealing with crimes of violence). That's just for starters. Is that five? 


8)            If you weren’t in the band you currently are in, which band would you want to
join? (dead or alive) 


 9)            If you starred in your own reality show, what would it be called, who would be in it, and what would you do? 

TRIPP: All-girl Survivor Island. Vivid Video Girls. Many interesting, sometimes x-rated


 10)        I hate it when people… 

TRIPP: Ask me questions that begin with "I hate it when people..." No seriously. I hate it
when people smoke, drink or do drugs.  


11)        List 5 or less adjectives for: 

(a)    Sheep Mafia (cute, interesting, inventive, spunky, sheepy)

(b)   Bush (Christian, Capitalist, honest, inspirational, hopeful)

(c)    Kazaa/Napster (evil, good, hurtful, helpful, confusing)

(d)   Marriage (religious, misunderstood, impractical, frustrating, gratifying)

(e)    Paris Hilton (skinny, dumb, hot, shaved, rich)