So your all wondering what the hell is sheep mafia? To be honest we don’t even
know. So to make it easier we will explain our history instead. We doubt you
will read this load of crap, but that doesn’t matter at least its up here for the sad
people. The idea first came out by wanting a mafia. I don’t know why, Angela
thought it would be fun. Although the idea was forgotten for a few weeks, but  
it was back to life when Angela was exploring the trillion toys RoseMary owns
and she found Chop Suey. Chop Suey is a little sheep toy of RoseMary’s from
Australia. RoseMary never noticed how adorable it really was until Angela really
treasured it. So we thought of the name “Sheep Mafia”. Its kind of ironic
because Sheep usually are quiet, peaceful, and boring animals. But not these
kind of sheep, we were just the opposite. So it was just us doing pranks on
people at school (back in 2001).  Just stupid Mafia stuff. We had our own
language, known as Sheep Latin (different from Pig Latin) and our own online
language (which unfortunately was figured out). We wouldn’t only do pranks,
we would also promote bands.

Chop Suey: the inspiring sheep

For the first time, RoseMary and Angela liked the same band! It was when we first discovered Andrew W.K. Our first
mission was the hand out flyers (of AWKs new album and concert) and post them up while going to our favorite place
to shop, Vons. It was such a success that we continued to promote different bands. We did go to Andrew WKs concert
and had a blast. We went to many concerts in between but they weren’t comparable to Andrew WK’s performance.
The school year was over and the summer was near an end when we went to what triggered Sheep Mafia to what it is
today, the Annual Sheep Mafia Festival... Ozzfest.

Ozzfest was by far one of the best concerts we went too, a day we will never
forget. Because we took a trillion pictures and wanted to share our experience,
RoseMary decided to put them up on a website. She had little knowledge of how to
create website so it was really crappy, and it was just about Ozzfest (it soon
evolved into the Sheep Mafia HQ with other adventures).It was now a few months
into the next school year, (highschool) and unfortunately Angela and RoseMary
don’t go to the same school anymore so Sheep Mafia didn’t have the same power
as it did. RoseMary still continued to go to millions of concerts, mostly will Angela.
Sheep Mafia grew even larger when we had an enemy, the United Club of
RoseMary Haters. What made us furious was when they deleted our website that
RoseMary still continued to work on. So to restore Sheep Mafia she redid the
website and made it a lot better than it was before. Since we had an enemy, we
needed more troops but we called them slaves. For the first time ever, we would
have members. Most of them were friends of RoseMary’s (since Angela went to a
different school) and we continued to plan attacks on UCRH. Each attack was
accomplished well, without their knowledge it was us (well I guess they will know

Angela with Post-its

Since of our attacks, they slowly and barely continued (with only 3
members) to make us angrier. What really fueled us again, was the
deleted to the new website. This was the second time it happened, it
made us extremely mad.
Now Sheep Mafia was planning the worst attacks we could ever think
of. More members were joining Sheep Mafia, and every attack was
going well. There were so many members we decided to put up an
application at the restored site. The site was far better than what it
was, it had several concerts, what we call “adventures”. Sheep Mafia
was really strong, we even had our own stickers, not paper stickers,
but real plastic pro stickers. We put them everywhere. UCRH
sometimes stole some, but it didn’t bother us, we had 200 left.
Either from Sheep Mafia growing because of UCRH, it was getting
pretty popular in the music industry. We now were invited to shows,
and we always brought a camera so we could post it up later. Every
concert we went too, we got backstage. It was amazing. Another
important concert was Andrews concert at the Palace. This is known
as “AWK Day”. We were huge fans of Andrew and we didn’t want to
be just a “fan” we wanted to be more. So we decided to be different,
and since we knew we were going to meet the band, we made them t-
shirts. This benefitted Sheep Mafia a lot, now we were known to the
whole band, and we actually got to know them. We could actually say
we were part of the “inner circle” of the music biz.

Andrew WK live

So anyways, Sheep Mafia was still without a site because of UCRH
deleting it ONCE AGAIN. So RoseMary wanted to make it even better,
we bought the domain name Its weird because
every time they deleted the site, it would become better. In cooler words,
every time they attacked us, we fought back harder, we never gave up.
So RoseMary redoes the Sheep Mafia HQ... again. It wasn’t the funnest
thing to do, after all this would be the fourth time. We continued to keep
our old design for the HQ since the files were already there.
Anyways Sheep Mafia was at its peak, with real merchandise, real
meetings, real official sweaters, it couldn’t have been better. UCRH was
slowly crumbling down, they are barely anything. (I don’t think it even
exists anymore) We were pretty popular, because of constant promoting,
bands found out about it. And to throw us the biggest thank you, we
were invited to the premiere of House Of 1000 Corpses. It was
incredible, we, Sheep Mafia, were treated like famous people, the people
that make our adventures special. We were next to Andy Dick... on the
red carpet.

<----- Andy Dick and RoseMary on the Red Carpet

Now the Sheep Mafia HQ, our biggest pride, was totally transformed, it actually looks pro.
To conclude after my rambling on about Sheep Mafia, I must say we got pretty fucking far for a couple of teenagers. Even
though we told you the history, you still really cant tell what Sheep Mafia is. When someone asks, we use the excuse “oh,
we promote bands”, but in reality that’s just a small part of what we do, we really get backstage, collect sheep toys and
stuff, meet famous people, make fun of cripples, go to concerts, attack UCRH (although there isn’t much left to it). Its been
an awesome roller coaster, all the ups and downs, after all Sheep Mafia has only been alive for 2 years. Sheep Mafia is
probably best described as a religion (if thats a good thing), we worship bands, we have our own language, we have our
own rules, and it's own dedicated people/slaves. We hope that the Sheep Mafia tradition will continue and become even
bigger, if possible, over the next few years. Thanks for reading what Sheep Mafia is, you loser, but thats okay we love you
more, at least your one of the 1% that actually do read what we put up at the Sheep Mafia HQ

                                                  May the Sheep Be With You,
                                                             Presidents RoseMary Rattray and Angela Pham

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Meet Sheep Mafia! Adventure Calender:
**Most likely not   *Maybe

- Static-X -8/16
- Andrew WK-8/23
not many concerts anymore :(

Official Sheep Mafia Flag